Equity Release

Case Studies

Find out how you can benefit from equity release, just like our clients.


Our client wanted her two children to enjoy the security of owning their own homes.

Boosting Income

Our client was finding that her income from her state pension was not enough

Inheritance Tax

Our client was very concerned that his children would see the value of their inheritance greatly reduced by inheritance tax.

Solution to an Interest only Mortgage

Our clients had been unable to repay their interest only mortgage as they had expected.

What our clients have to say

“ The whole experience of our Equity release plan was painless, with Rory's guidance through the whole process we were able to convert our existing mortgage to Equity Release and only have praise for the professional help we received throughout.”

“ We needed to settle our mortgage and spoke with Rory who advised Equity Release was a good way to settle the matter. We followed his advice and the process could not have been made any easier and was completed within weeks.”

“ We obtained our lifetime Mortgage within weeks and have remained in our property. We were consulted and advised by Mr Joseph at every step of the process. We are very happy with our choice of a lifetime mortgage, our choice of JLM mortgage services and the attention to detail demonstrated by Mr Joseph.”

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“ Our solicitor, was so impressed that he said he intended to recommend it to his other cients. All in all, Equity Release seems an ideal way of releasing funds to both our children and ourselves now, rather than waiting till we depart this world, losing much of our estate in taxes.”

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“ The process was smooth and seamless, we were consulted and advised by Mr Joseph at every step of the process. He remained in easy contact and was able to either answer our questions immediately or very soon after return with an appropriate answer.”

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“ We were rather sceptical about ‘equity release’ having heard tales of extortionate pay back rates etc. Once ERMA were involved information became much clearer. They explained the different types of ‘equity release’ and gave us concise and understandable information so that we could form our own decision on what was right for our own individual circumstance.”

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